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Development Case - Gavin White's Arri SR2

We always like to take the opportunity to showcase what custom work we can do. This time: Gavin White's Arri SR2!

Gavin came to us with his well-used SR2 in early May and essentially handed us a blank canvas. The camera as it was, needed to be used with very specific 12V batteries or the fuse would blow. Rendering essentially useless if you have any v-locks or block-batteries on set. This also meant that you could not do any handheld work, as you were always connected to an external source.

We took the SR2 in, and spent around 2 days prototyping and troubleshooting. Eventually we came up with a design that takes an industry-standard 4-Pin XLR, and we step that higher voltage (sometimes up to 16V!) down to the needed 12.4V to run the camera reliably.

We then also added a 2-Pin Lemo compatible port for any focus motors, as well as 2x D-Tap ports to power your monitor and Wireless TX. This pairs great with the videotap Gavin had installed, now making it a very usable machine again!

We managed to use existing screw holes on the body, but just sourcing longer screws to mount the unit. This means we can securely mount all electrical components inside it, as well as keeping the SR2 as original as possible.

Full Specifications:

- Regulated 12.4V to camera.

- Braided 90Deg Power Cable, adjustable to any 45Deg angle.

- Unregulated 2-Pin Lemo Compatible Power Port.

- 2x Unregulated D-Tap Power Port.

- AKS and Camera cut-off switch.

- Volt Meter built in.

- Housing made from carbon-based SLS material.

Thank you Gav, for trusting us with your SR2! We hope it keeps giving you some more glorious 16mm, now hopefully with a modern twist and some extra usability.

Check out some more pictures below, cheers!


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