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CineParts is run in Scotland by a small team of industry professionals who love to make their life on set easier and better.

We ensure a continuous variety of clever tools which help industry professionals on a day-to-day basis. 

If you would like a bespoke tool or bracket made, please send us an email.

Every product counts, and with every product we produce we create waste. We are very aware of this, and this very environmental reason was the reason why we started CineParts. 

All of our 3D-printed parts are printed with recycled PLA material.

Depending on the colour, this can be between 70 and 98%.


Although PLA is not 100% recyclable, it is a more sustainable and long-term solution for us Industry Professionals.

Unfortunately we see a lot of waste on a day-to-day basis, and our clips, clamps and adapters can be a way to move from single-use plastics to a long-term, more heavy-duty solution. E.g. Instead of a quick fix with a single-use zip-tie, make sure your equipment and cables are securely fastened in the first place! Using tape to quickly fix a cable to a stand? Why not use a re-useable clamp and save that single-use product? These are the problems we are trying to solve.


Want to read more? Please visit our filament supplier's page to see where our material comes from! 

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