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Become a CineParts Partner!

Building on the community-input aspect that CineParts has always had, we realised there is a big group of you out there that has designs they made, but do not want to spend the time and hassle setting up a shop/selling/distributing them.

So we figured, why not let us do the hard work! 

Some of the benefits;

  • Complete hands-off production/shipping/customer service etc. We do all of that in our usual CineParts ways.

  • Make a set percentage per product sold. The more we sell, the more beer-money you can make. ;)

  • You do not lose ownership or rights of your models, it is still completely yours! You are fully credited.

  • CineParts quality and processes, so customers get a fully streamlined, eco-conscious product experience.

  • For AC's, by (now more!) AC's. We'd rather see more ideas happen and want to help you get them out there.

How does it work? 

  1. Upload your design below. 

  2. We will assess, test-print and get back to you with some feedback. 

  3. If all is well, we then decide on a percentage, get it listed on the website and....

  4. We have more people enjoy your products!

At the moment we are only able to accept .DWG files via this form. Prefer to upload an STL? Contact us via email and we'll help you out. :)


Your content has been submitted, we will be in touch soon. :)

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