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Development Case - Aerial Frontiers Movi Pro

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We always like to take the opportunity to showcase what custom work we can do. This time: Sam's Movi Pro!

Aerial Frontiers specialise in heavy-lift aerial drone work, so their Movi Pro gets put through some heavy use! Kitted out with the Ignite Digi tilt offsets, they often fly all the big builds and were looking for just some Axis Locks initially.

When we got the Movi in the office though, it was soon pretty clear it could do with some tidying up. As the Movi gets flown, it has some extra transmitters and bits on it like the antenna's. We took all of it off, assessed the situation and then started mocking things up with some input from Sam himself!

Things like the antenna's were kept in the position where they were at that moment, they were in optimal position already. The FRX and Connex Wireless Transmitter however were (sorry Sam! ;) ) a bit dodgy. Bongo-Tied onto a DIY Carbon Plate, that could be neater! The cables as well, were loose and nothing special.


We ended up wrapping all cables in a nice black sleeving, not only making them look neater and checking all connections in the progress, but also making them more resistant to any weather Sam might be putting them up against up here in "sunny" Scotland!

The connectors were measured up and a custom bracket was made for them. The FRX already has secure M3 connections on the back, so we utilised these and used black anodized M3 screws to fix the FRX to the bracket. The antenna runs down nicely with the body of the Movi and doesn't interfere with any operation.

The Connex was a different story, we managed to find a nice secure fit by clamping it down. Making a nice cutout for the fan and Aerial Frontiers logo was a must! It can be released by loosening a single screw if needed.

The bracket itself screws down onto the 25mm bars of the Movi. In line with our usual eco-friendly approach, the bracket is made from 100% recycled Carbon-PETG.


Check out the pictures below, and the Movi Locks in the store! 🤝


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