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1st AC Testimonial - Lena de Boer

We love hearing from people who are using our products, and Lena in particular has been great in helping us with feedback and has been an early adaptor of the Stingray system. Check out her feedback below, cheers Lena!

"First of all, these guys are the nicest guys around. Customer care and support is absolutely incredible. The Stingray is really inventive, solid and the powering options are a great add-on for multiple solutions."

"I use my kit for commercial use but also for live events. The great part about that is: I can power my second screen for program directly from the Stingray D-Tap output. This way everything stays nice and clean. As I am upgrading my kit, its really nice the Stingray can adapt to this with just an addition of the back bracket of your new monitor brand. I love that they keep on improving the print quality and are open for ideas and or custom orders and questions. Long story short: Cant wait to see whats coming."

📸 by: Josien (@josinematography)

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