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1st AC Testimonial - Christian Wood

We love hearing from people who are using our products, and Christian in particular has been great in helping us with feedback and is rocking the Stingray system with his SmallHD Cine7. Check out his feedback below, cheers for taking the time Christian!

"I've had the system across two different monitors now. The Stingray saves so much time setting up and saves crucial weight as well. Being able to just slip a receiver behind my monitor feels miles better than umbrella brackets, noga arms or dual lock."

"The Stingray keeps my monitor as just one simple package that can be pulled off a stand and thrown onto a hand unit in seconds and it's durability feels solid and reliable. Cables are always short, neat and are never in the way and the Stingray provides plenty of different power options."

"I can't imagine myself moving away from the system as its modularity means I can always take it with me, whatever monitor or receiver unit I'm using. Something that keeps me a Cineparts customer is their friendliness and great customer service."

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