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Barstow, NH

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One close to our heart, the Nucleus-M NPF handle!


This handle uses NP-F550 batteries, easy, cheap batteries that we all love and probably have some of. 


Check out the specs below!

  • Runtime is similar to the original 'stick' style batteries that the Nucleus uses. 
  • Easy swapping and direct access to the battery in the handle.
  • Power via a 7-Pin 90Degree Lemo compatible connector up top.
  • Improved ergonomics, a proper handle to hold! 
  • 2 styles of options;
    1. Our Slim option, this screws directly into the handset and provides one 1/4" with locking pins up top. No adjustment on the swivel of the handle, but the cleanest option of you're looking for the smallest size.
    2. The Rosette option, this one screws into the existing Tilta bracket. PLEASE NOTE; You need the Tita bracket for this (LINK). We recommend swapping the screw to the top Rosette and using the bottom one for the handle (see pictures). The built-in screw allows you to change the orientation (to a certain degree because of the Lemo) and find the most comfortable one for you. This one has more space if you have larger hands.


Any questions, you know where to find us.

Nucleus-M Power Handle

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