Wireless Transmitter Mounting Plate

Wireless Transmitter Mounting Plate

New in! We designed a mounting plate for wireless transmitters like the Teradek and Vaxis systems. It offers a secure and space-saving way to mount your transmitters, leaving you with more time and peace of mind. 


Available in black at the moment, this is a sleek part. It is being supplied with screws so you can get started immediately! Made from high-grade recycled material, this part is super lightweight, strong AND good for the environment.


Want a different colour? Send us an email and we can see what we can do. 

  • Material Information

    All of our 3D-printed parts are printed with recycled PLA material!

    Depending on the colour, this can be between 70 and 98%.Although PLA is not 100% recycleable, it is a more sustainable and long-term solution for us Industry Professionals.

    Unfortunately we see a lot of waste on a day-to-day basis, and our clips, clamps and adapters can be a way to move from single-use plastics to a long-term, more heavy-duty solution. E.g. Instead of a quick fix with a single-use zip-tie, make sure your equipment and cables are securely fastened in the first place! 😉 Using tape to quickly fix a cable to a stand? Why not use a re-useable clamp and save that single-use product? These are the problems we are trying to solve.

    Want to read more? Please visit our About page to see where our material comes from.

  • Finish Disclaimer

    We just want to put a small disclaimer out there that (although we strive for that picture-perfect finish every time) there might always be some small blemishes on 3D-printed parts. These are things that we always try to avoid, but sometimes happen as it is a manual process. 


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