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Introducing the Block Rocket!


  • Hot-Swap your 12V Block Batteries without losing power to Client/Director Monitor. Teradek, Serv and/or other connected systems stay online while you do it. No more "Picture DOWN" from the back, you can do it during takes if you like!
  • Allows you to switch off all client AKS in a pinch when going for lunch, or before a unit move. 
  • Secure 2x 4-Pin XLR in.
  • Secure 4-Pin XLR regulated (14.5V) out to monitor.
  • Secure D-Tap/2-Pin Lemo compatible regulated (14.5V) out to AKS.
  • Red Volt-Meter readout, letting you know the REAL voltage of your blocks at all times. No more relying on pips, percentages etc.
  • Right-Angle adjustable braided XLR cable (30cm) included. Allows you to change orientation of the connector by 45Deg increments to find the perfect fit.
  • Light-Weight design, can be used either hanging off the connector OR stuck onto any surface with the pre-installed Dual-Lock on the back.
  • Small formfactor is especially interesting for rental houses, can stay installed in flightcases so does not need to come off. Just unplug the Block Battery cable!
  • Max draw; 100W
  • Max Input: 60V
  • Output: 14.5V @ 7A.


Block Rocket - Hot Swap Module

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