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!!! DO NOT INPUT 24V !!!


LP-E6 Dummy Battery now in! After lots of demand, we're ready to ship in limited batches.


The Dummy provides power to your monitor, as well as an extra 2-Pin Lemo compatible Port for any accessories you might have. A 2-Pin Lemo compatible PWR In gives you a secure connection and an option for your own length/choice of cable. Need a cable as well? Contact us and we c an make it work.



- Standard LP-E6 Battery size, not taking up more space than needed.

- 2-Pin Lemo compatible PWR In (10-20V).

- Regulated 2-Pin Lemo compatible Power Out (8V 3A) to your monitor.

- Unregulated 2-Pin Lemo compatible Power Out to your AKS.

- Solid heat/impact resistant Carbon Fibre composite housing, made from recycled material.

LP-E6 Dummy Battery

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